Japan Pet Market

Market Summary Japan’s pet market = 1.4 trillion yen in 2015 

For the past few years, the Japan’s pet market value has been stable at around 1.4 trillion yen. This market capitalisation is due to the population of dogs and cats in Japan reaching 9.9 million and 9.8 million respectively in 2015. 

1. Popularity of smaller dogs Small dogs have been gaining popularity in Japan. Dogs weighing 10kg or less accounted for 67.8% of Japan’s total domestic dog population in 2015. From that figure, ultra-small dogs weighing 3kg or less totaled 13.40% and small dogs between 3kg and 5kg numbered 25.1%. 

2. Advanced aging among pets Dogs over 7 years old accounted for 56.8% Japan’s total domestic dog population in 2015, while cats over 7 years old equaled 44.4%. The average life-span for dogs is 14.2 years while the average life-span for cats is 15.0 years. Due to wide availability of well-balanced pet foods as well as well-advanced pet medical care, pets are living longer lives. 

3. Increase in indoor pets Japan Pet Food Association survey showed that over 78.9% of dogs and over 82.0% of cats are kept indoors. Keeping pets indoors is now much common in Japan. Pets kept indoors are less likely to become sick and live longer. This trend is also a driving factor to a longer lifespan among pets. 

4.Japanese Dog owners Due to the preference of Japanese owners, the market needs for high quality products remains high. 

[Source of reference: Japan Pet Food Association]

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