Discovery | Your Pet, A Pet Shop Redefine “High-End”

We are going to a pet shop in Guangzhou (Machang Road)—Your Pet Flagship Shop.

Before we arrived at the pet shop, we heard the Flagship Shop was high-end and exquisite. But when we arrived, we find a different “high-end” pet shop.

Redefine “High-end”

Your Pet has the advantage of a good geographical location and large operation area, but Your Pet prefers to use “high-end” in the items of their services.

They focus on the high quality of service items, good service attitude and the effect of service. Your Pet makes all the customers feel the experience of “High-end”.  

High Quality of Service Items

Your Pet is a comprehensive shop integrating pet shops and pet hospitals including pet supply, product sales, grooming, foster care, and disease treatment, etc.

Pet photography, pet swimming, pet training, these new pet industry, Your Pet is also ready for pet owners.

Exquisite for Details

A. The professional and rigorous medical environment

B. Careful Grooming and Pet Care