Pet Retail Tour

19 August 2021


A half-day tour of pet shops in Shanghai, from local street market to high-end “boutique” experience and all-in-one service centers.


Registration will open in June 2021.


RMB 100 (US$15)


12:45 | Participants gather in front of Shanghai New International Expo Centre
(No.2345 Longyang Road)

13:00 | Bus Departure
(No.2345 Longyang Road)

14:00-14:30 | Visit of Toff.1 Hotel
TOFF.1 is a high-end pet hotel brand focused on creating a new lifestyle for pets. TOFF.1 has spacious and bright foster care room, butler service and personalized foster care customized service.

15:00-15:30 | Visit of An’an Pet Clinic
An’an Pet is a professional chain broad of pet clinic based in Shanghai, contributing to boost the development of China pet industry. It provides well-rounded, scientific medical service, redefining the dignity and value of every animal. Our service covers the professional animal clinics, basic immunity and deworming for pets, physical check and health care, grooming and many other fields. They provide humanized care and health care of high quality for your loved pet.

16:20- 16:50 | Visit of A-PlusPet (宠物世家) / Pets are Home
PETS ARE HOME is a supermarket dedicated to pet food and supplies, selling mid-range to premium quality products. It’s a good example of the current evolution of Chinese Pet Market. The place provides additional services (veterinary, grooming…).

17:00 | Arrival at the exhibition center
(No.2345 Longyang Road)

Pet shop tour Video

The first large pet supermarket opened in Shanghai in the mid 2000.