Intellectual Property

VNU Exhibitions Asia statement on IPR

VNU Exhibitions Asia strongly oppose violation of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights). During Pet Fair Asia, exhibitors can access the IPR office and get insights and consulting services from specialized lawyers.

IPR infringement

Exhibitors at Pet Fair Asia shall respect the intellectual property of other exhibitors or enterprises within the industry. In case that intellectual property dispute occurs during the exhibition, the organizer shall notify relevant department and handle it in strict compliance with the provisions of the applicable regulations of the State.  In case that court judgments or decisions of the administrative department of intellectual property evidence that one exhibitor’s exhibits, printed documents, promotional materials or other items have infringed the intellectual property of another exhibitor, the organizer shall have right to remove such exhibits, printed documents, promotional materials giving rise to infringement out of the exhibition, and shall have the right to confiscate such objects until the exhibition ends, close the stand of the infringing exhibitor, and/or expel such exhibitor and its staffs out of the exhibition venue although it has no obligation to do so. The organizer shall also have the right to exclude the infringing exhibitor from participating exhibitions in the future. 

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