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Connecting North American Buyers to Asian Suppliers

Pet Link Asia (P.L.A) is the quickest and most efficient way for the global pet industry to connect with Asian suppliers. Our digital hub provides tailor – made partnerships to provide the right suppliers for all your pet industry needs. 

Without leaving your office you can now connect with leading Asian suppliers and factories quickly determining which partnerships are best suited for your company’s needs.

Plentiful Industry Resources in Asia

Pet Link Asia provides complete coverage of supply chain and sourcing needs. Based on industry data over the past 24 years, we have pre-qualified over 25 quality Asian suppliers/manufacturers producing thousands of premium and innovative products. 

Customized End-to-End Service

We will match you with a dedicated Client Service Manager to help guide you through the selection process, they will learn about the wants and needs of your business, so we can match you with the ideal suppliers. Once the potential partners are chosen, we will set up virtual meetings and assist in online meeting communications / translations.

User-Friendly Operation System

Technology improves efficiency! You will be given access to an online portal with all pertinent information for your program. On this site, you are able to build your own profile and products needs page in order for potential partners to better understand your business’ needs. A calendar will be provided that clearly lists all appointments on your schedule.

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