Floor Plan (2023)

Hall N1 – Pet Food
Hall N2 – Pet Food
Hall N3 – Pet Food
Hall N4 – Pet Food
Hall N5 – International Pet Product

Hall N6/N7/N8 Pet Foood Supplters

Hall W1 – Pet Products, Pet Snacks
Hall W2 – Pet Products
Hall W3 – Veterinary Articles, Pet Surgical Equipment, Pet Hospital, Pet Healthcare
Hall W4 – Veterinary Articles, Pet Healthcare
Hall W5 – Pet Products, Pet APP, Pet Software

Hall E1 – Pet Products, Pet Snacks
Hall E2 – Pet Products, Pet Snacks
Hall E3 – Cat Products
Hall E4 – Cat Products
Hall E5 – Startup Company, Small Animals, Reptile, and Aquarium
Hall E6 – International Pet Products
Hall E7 – International Pet Products

Booking Status

92% of the available space is sold as of May 15, 2020.