Visa Application

For most countries, a visa is needed to enter China and the validity of one’s passport should be no less than 6 months. Requirements vary due to different regulations of respective Chinese embassies in different countries. We recommend international visitors to download and fill out the “Visa Application Form” from the link below. Visitors should also collect the relevant files as requested by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate of your home country. To start the application process or for any questions before applying, please contact Orient Explorer China.

After you formally submit your visa application, your profile will be processed, checked, and confirmed, before being sent back to you.

For assistance in your visa application, please contact:   

Shanghai Orient Event Service Co., Ltd

Contact: Mr.Seven

Tel: +86 17321367242



  • tourist visa is the fastest and cheapest way to enter China and participate in a trade show. The validity of a tourist visa is generally 30 days. Most tourist visas are available without formal invitation letters. Itinerary, flight and accommodation reservations will be enough. However, tourist visas are sometimes very hard to get and even unavailable in some countries. Please confirm with the Chinese Embassy of your country in advance.
  • Business visas are more complex and require a formal business invitation. We thus suggest starting an application in advance. Orient Explorer China can assist with this step of the application. The visa application takes at least 1 week to process. We recommend you plan on waiting 2-4 weeks for your visa to be completed. Please fill in and submit your application form, with photocopies of your passport attached. If you want to apply for a visa, you need to confirm and pay relevant application fees in advance.